Randy Klaassen – PHPNOTL

Based in Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), Ontario Randy Klaassen is the owner of People’s History Publications – PHPNOTL.COM

Randy has been an ordained minister, and retired after a 40 year career providing care for families. He has extensive experience, providing a calm guidance for families dealing with life transitions.

Randy worked his way through post-secondary schooling as a farm laborer at an apple orchard in Kelowna, BC. His early career experience included youth work and as an  outdoor recreational guide.

In addition to writing memoirs Randy has been a freelance writer of community events, and stories of people making a difference in the community. He is a volunteer with Civil Air Rescue Emergency Services (CARES) Niagara, with a number of certifications.

Randy’s education includes a Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Arts, and is a trained Spiritual Director.

In the past Randy has served with the British Columbia Youth Parliament, Altona Canadian Mental Health Association, Altona Hospital as Chaplain, Mediation Services Niagara, and Restorative Justice involving violent crime.