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“Wall’s Furniture Store” was a fixture in Virgil for 60 years. Dave Wall’s ability to attract attention of traveler’s to Niagara-on-the-Lake allowed this independent retail operation to out perform many of Canada’s national retailers. Dave was salesman, dedicated to his family and passionate about his community. Copies of “Wall’s of Virgil” are available from PHP. 

“Under the Trembling Aspen” written by Reg Faust is in memory of his wife, Mary Jane. As a work of creative non-fiction Mary Jane and Reg’s life experiences in the Canadian Arctic and Newfoundland appear on every page. Includes colour photographs by Dennis Minty. Copies are available from PHP. “Maxine Ross: Memories of a Dancer.” Thank you, to students and friends who contributed “tributes” for Maxine. Her memoir was written by Randy Klaassen, of People’s History Publications (PHP), and is available from /, or from PHP in Niagara-on-the-Lake (contact for information).


People’s History Publications was selected to publish Madalyn Neufeld’s first novel, “The Cost of Freedom.” This underground railroad story for young readers has a surprising conclusion on the shores of Niagara-on-the-Lake. For copies of “The Cost of Freedom” contact People’s History Publications.


“Berries, Tickles and Saltwater Ice – Expanded Edition” by Reg Faust contains 281 pages of stories of people living in the outposts of Newfoundland, and 20 colour photographs by Dennis Minty. To purchase contact Peoples History Publications or the author.

Berries, Tickles and Saltwater Ice - Expanded Edition - Cover

“Christmas Along the Way” is a collection of stories for the season. Currently out of print. Contact PHP for further interest.

Christmas Along the Way - Cover

Blanche Quinn’s story, “I Did It My Way: That’s Why Nothing Works” is a humorous adventure of life in Toronto and Niagara-on-the-Lake. To purchase copies email

I Did It My Way - Cover

During the Second World War Jack Hunter served as a quartermaster aboard the HMCS Prince Robert in the South Pacific. His knowledge of the ship’s operations and the assignment to liberate Canadian POW’s held at Hong Kong is a story of courage often overlooked in Canadian history. Currently out of print. Contact PHP for further interest.

Quartermaster Jack - Cover f&b

Dorothy (Kemp) Taylor began singing with guitar as a teenager in southern Manitoba during the 1930’s. It was her way of helping the family earn cash income during tough times. Her memoir, “Journey into My Music” includes a CD of Dorothy’s music. This work was a private family project, and not for public distribution.

Journey into My Music - book cover

Journey into My Music – book cover